Monday, January 4, 2016

January Slide Month

     I am sure it is obvious that I am not much of a blogger. I only have a few posts and they are pretty spaced apart. I find it hard to write articles that I think people would be interested in. I was never much of an author but I am passionate about our products and parties. I hope to change our minimal posts to frequent ideas, quick tips and highlighting a products. So to kick off the new year, I will write about our current special. 
     January is Slide Month here at Dreamland Bouncers. I know what you are thinking, "But Steve, aren't your slides waterslides? It's winter, won't the kids freeze?" The answer is, of course not. Almost all of our slides are wet OR dry. They can be used year round and to be honest, I think they are just as fun dry as they are when wet. We chose January because of the weather. The vinyl is much stiffer and the kids are usually wearing fleece products which make the slides faster. We also use a product that decreases the friction and really makes the kids fly down the slide. I call it my Griswold spray, those of you that love Christmas Vacation will understand. All these things combined make the slides super fast and incredibly fun. 
      Kids will also gravitate to the slides more often. When we have public events, the kids always want to be on the slide. They can ride it over and over and over again. Slides have a high output of riders so it doesn't take very long to climb up and slide down, and it also means the wait time really isn't very long as well. 
      We also extended our special to include our interactive inflatables. Our obstacle courses, bungee cord run and Volcano Rock Wall are great for all ages especially the bigger kids. Again, at public events, these inflatables always have the longest lines and most repeat riders versus combos & bounce houses. The best part of having these inflatables for your private party is the amount of times you can ride them. You can ride these inflatables all your hearts desire. The obstacle course is my favorite inflatable we have. It is high intensity, great for younger kids, older kids and the young of heart adults. They are incredibly fun and your kids will not want to get off it. 
     If you are interested in reserving a Slide, Obstacle course, Bungee cord run or the Volcano Rock Wall, give us a call and mention the slide month special and we will take $50 off your order. This is good for private parties in the month of January. No matter what the age, an inflatable brings excitement, fun and memories that will last a lifetime to your next party. 
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