About Dreamland Bouncers

     In 2006, Steve & Melissa rented a bouncer for a family party. The bouncer was in okay condition, wasn't very clean and the delivery people showed no interest in their job. the bouncer was not delivered nor picked up when they said it would be.  It was a bad experience that turned them off to renting a bouncer again.
     After a little while, Steve looked at the bad experience as an opportunity. Instead of complaining about how bad the bouncer company was, he would just start a company to provide the service all parents would expect from a bouncer company.
     Dreamland Bouncers was started in 2007 with the main goal in mind to provide the best possible experience for the kids and parents. We didn't but cheap bouncers or even shop around trying to find the best price. We looked for the best company to buy from and asked for characters we knew everyone would like: Cars, Princesses  & Mickey Mouse. Full front screen print with anti-pinch netting and easy entry step. As they started buying more and bigger products, they always looked at it from the perspective of the parent. It needs to be safe first and of course fun for all ages.
     The bouncers are not the only part to the service. Dreamland Bouncers wanted the total experience to be great not just the product. They start the experience with their website. Simple, clean and no unnecessary extras. Plenty of pictures and easy to read prices. There are no hidden charges. They also update their website often with new pictures so you exactly what you are getting.
     The service provided by Dreamland Bouncers is geared to what you as a parent should expect. They are friendly on the phone, and they deliver the products as well. There are no delivery guys who just want to move on to the next delivery. Steve & Melissa do all the deliveries themselves. Always allowing time to be social and accommodating to your individual party needs.
     About Steve & Melissa

     Steve is a full time paramedic and loves his job with a passion. There is no greater job or joy than to provide someone with help, whether it be a common cold or heart attack. If you have ever rented from us before, you know Steve likes to talk and he has a lot of interesting stories he likes to tell.
     Melissa was a manager at Target when Dreamland Bouncers was created. Now, she is the Manager of the Alexander House. She helps run the business while managing to take care of 3 little girls and big boy (that's Steve by the way).
     And we can't forget about our 3 little girls. They have the final say on what is fun and kid approved. They thoroughly test the equipment on a regular basis to ensure a high "Fun Factor."

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