Monday, August 20, 2012

Sno Cones and Snow Balls

Have you ever had a snow ball fight in the middle of the summer?  Why not?  Sno cones and snow balls are a great way to cool down in our Arizona heat.

What do you need to make a snow ball?  Stop by your local convenience store and pick up a bag of crushed ice, maybe two bags if you want.  Once you get home, set the ice outside to melt just a little bit so it crushes better.  Get your sno cone machine set up and ready to go.  Then pour in the ice and soon, snow appears.  Sculpt your snow into the desired size and put in a cooler. Continue to make balls until you have enough balls for a good fight.  The best thing to do is to not tell the other party guests that a snow ball fight is coming as the moment of surprise is always fun.

Once you have used all of your snow balls, then you can proceed in making tasty sno cones. Get your snow, put it in a cup and add syrup. Instant fun!

After your snow ball party, you will have had the "coolest" party in town!

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