Thursday, October 3, 2013

The weather is getting nicer outside and that means lots of people will be heading to their local parks. The city and community parks offer lots of space for your party guests including tables, ramadas, and playgrounds.

Many city parks do require you to reserve your space with a permit so make sure you check that out before your party day to ensure you have the spot you would like.  Some of the reservations do have a fee attached so plan your party appropriately with that cost. Also, some cities rent the spaces in certain time increments so do check when you will be allowed to use the space and when you need to leave the space for the next reservation.

Many parks are limited on the electrical outlets that are available so you may want to see what needs you have and what the park offers. Generators are a common site at parks in order for you to plug in your rentals items like a  bounce house, or your personal crockpots and radios.  Many cities require you to provide a generator if you have other items to plug in as they do not allow you to use their electrical outlets nor can they guarantee the outlets working properly.

The cooler weather brings parties outside and what a great way to celebrate!