Monday, July 18, 2016

Monsoon season

    Wow, it has been a while since I posted on this blog. I am sorry. The purpose of blog is less to do about self promotion and all to do about ensuring you get the best party experience.  I will make sure that I do a better job giving you hints and tips that help you choose the best equipment and activities for your party.
    Arizona has over 300 days of clear sunshine. Most of the summer is just plain HOT, but those that say "at least it is a dry heat" are obviously forgetting about monsoon season. Humidity, early evening thunderstorms, flash floods and haboobs. All of these are issues that trump the heat in my book. You can always beat the heat. The kids keep cool on the waterslide, parents (that don't go on the waterslide) keep cool in the shade with an evap cooler or go inside with the air conditioning.  Monsoons though, can threaten the success of your party. Those storm clouds build up and before you know it, a haboob is on its way. With winds over 40 mph and enough force to damage roofs, push over trees and yes, even send an inflatable flying. When the wind picks up or a haboob rolls in, the inflatable must be put down which will hit the pause or even stop button on your party. 
     Most people book an inflatable for their party about 2 to 3 weeks in advance and there is no way to predict the weather that far out. But the easiest way to beat the monsoon weather is start and end your party earlier.  Here are a few reasons why starting your party at noon and ending at 4 pm is a good idea.
  1) Most monsoon storms or haboobs occur in the early evening. In our experience, if a storm is going to pick up, it will occur at +/- 5 pm. Having your party end at 4 will ensure you and your guests have had adequate time to enjoy the inflatable before a storm hits.
  2) If there is no storm, this will maximize your time with the inflatable. Most companies, like ours, will add extra time both before and after the event which benefits both you and the inflatable company. It allows you plenty of time to enjoy the inflatable and allows the company to create the most efficient delivery and pick up schedule. 
   3) The 4-5 o'clock hour is the hottest part of the day.
   4) The temperature can remain above 100° until the 10 o'clock hour. Although it dark out it is still hot.
    If the weather does turn for the worst, it is better to not risk it and turn off the inflatable. Bounce houses, waterslides, or any inflatable is not able to be used in winds of excess of 20 mph.
    Although the weather it is unpredictable, we at Dreamland Bouncers constantly watch the weather and will help you make the best decision as to what the weather may be like for your party. If you are considering an inflatable for your party during monsoon season and have questions or concerns about the weather, please give us a call. We will be happy to help you find the best equipment, time frame or even back up ideas to ensure your child's party will be a successful one.