Monday, December 9, 2013

Party Theme

New movies, new toys, new party themes.  With so many great kids movies and  television shows these days, everyone has a favorite character.  So do you like The Avengers, Despicable Me, Monster High, Super Mario Bros, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? What will your party theme be?  Once you decide on your party theme, then it is time to go shopping. Hitting your local party or big box store to find the best decorations for your party is a must. Now, do you buy streamers, tablecloths, cups or a pinata?  But what if you can't find your favorite character?  Many online sites do offer a large variety of party supplies to suit your specific theme if you don't find what you are looking for at your local store.  But how much do you spend?  In the end, those matching napkins and plates sure do add up.  But they match everything right?  As a parent, I have bought every matching party supply to make sure our party looked great. And the kids really cared that it all matched right?  Ha!

In the end, no matter what your party theme is, there is a party decoration somewhere for you.  Happy decorating and planning!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthday Parties and the Holidays

The holidays are coming and so are family parties.  Do you just add your birthday party onto Thanksgiving or Christmas? Do you just celebrate the birthday child and the holiday at the same time?  I mean, family and friends are already there right?  I know there are many kids out there who do have their birthday parties Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas time so it does make sense.  It is cost effective too. And, everyone is already at your house!  Now, there are some kids who would rather have their birthday moved to July so that way it could be celebrated apart from the holidays. I know that is not always possible but at least their birthday is still made special because everyone is there to celebrate.  Many families just lump everything together and who doesn't like pumpkin pie and birthday cake at the same time?  Anyhow, no matter the day, family, friends and celebrations are what is important so eat up and have a great time!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The weather is getting nicer outside and that means lots of people will be heading to their local parks. The city and community parks offer lots of space for your party guests including tables, ramadas, and playgrounds.

Many city parks do require you to reserve your space with a permit so make sure you check that out before your party day to ensure you have the spot you would like.  Some of the reservations do have a fee attached so plan your party appropriately with that cost. Also, some cities rent the spaces in certain time increments so do check when you will be allowed to use the space and when you need to leave the space for the next reservation.

Many parks are limited on the electrical outlets that are available so you may want to see what needs you have and what the park offers. Generators are a common site at parks in order for you to plug in your rentals items like a  bounce house, or your personal crockpots and radios.  Many cities require you to provide a generator if you have other items to plug in as they do not allow you to use their electrical outlets nor can they guarantee the outlets working properly.

The cooler weather brings parties outside and what a great way to celebrate!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Halloween is coming and that means lots of candy and parties too!  This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday so what day are you going to have your party?  Many people decide to have their party on a Saturday or  Friday night which makes sense for availability of the masses.  Many people will still have their Halloween party on Halloween night when the kids are ready to Trick-or-Treat and the pumpkins are glowing.

One safe way to host a party at home is to include an activity for the kids and the adults too.  Many play games like pin the nose on the pumpkin or bobbing for apples. A bounce house can also be another way to keep the kids entertained and the adults able to enjoy the party.  A bouncer can have a Halloween theme with Frankenstein, a witch or pumpkins to add to your party decorations.  Or the jumper can have ghosts and goblins in order to make the scene a bit more spooky.  What ever you decide to have for a theme, a bounce house is a good way to let the kids and the adults have a good time at your Halloween party.