Friday, September 13, 2013

Halloween is coming and that means lots of candy and parties too!  This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday so what day are you going to have your party?  Many people decide to have their party on a Saturday or  Friday night which makes sense for availability of the masses.  Many people will still have their Halloween party on Halloween night when the kids are ready to Trick-or-Treat and the pumpkins are glowing.

One safe way to host a party at home is to include an activity for the kids and the adults too.  Many play games like pin the nose on the pumpkin or bobbing for apples. A bounce house can also be another way to keep the kids entertained and the adults able to enjoy the party.  A bouncer can have a Halloween theme with Frankenstein, a witch or pumpkins to add to your party decorations.  Or the jumper can have ghosts and goblins in order to make the scene a bit more spooky.  What ever you decide to have for a theme, a bounce house is a good way to let the kids and the adults have a good time at your Halloween party.