Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthday Parties and the Holidays

The holidays are coming and so are family parties.  Do you just add your birthday party onto Thanksgiving or Christmas? Do you just celebrate the birthday child and the holiday at the same time?  I mean, family and friends are already there right?  I know there are many kids out there who do have their birthday parties Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas time so it does make sense.  It is cost effective too. And, everyone is already at your house!  Now, there are some kids who would rather have their birthday moved to July so that way it could be celebrated apart from the holidays. I know that is not always possible but at least their birthday is still made special because everyone is there to celebrate.  Many families just lump everything together and who doesn't like pumpkin pie and birthday cake at the same time?  Anyhow, no matter the day, family, friends and celebrations are what is important so eat up and have a great time!