Thursday, November 29, 2012

Party Tents

New party tent coming next week!  We recently ordered a white, 20x20 pole tent that can fit in most Arizona backyards. If you want to add a little something extra to your party, a tent may be it.  Party tents are great for adding extra shade from the sun, or simply setting your party area.  A 20x20 tent can fit 3-4 tables underneath it to provide additional seating for your guests. The tents are about 7 feet tall at the lowest point so the average person has plenty of height clearance.

You can also had so many decorative lighting choices now to make your tent special. From spot lights, uplights, or twinkle lights, your tent can fit any type of setting.

And don't forget to add an evaporative cooler to cool your tent down in the summer  months too.  At little extra air conditioning can make your guests feel more comfortable.

Consider renting a party tent next time your have a backyard party to create a bit more drama to your party!