Sunday, November 22, 2015

The holidays are coming upon us so fast and wow, it's already Christmas time. Well, Thanksgiving did get pushed in there right after Halloween. How many aisles of Christmas stuff is there already at the store?  The Turkey kind of got pushed aside!

With the holidays, comes time with friends, family and those we hold dear. Many celebrate with food or football where as some spend their time planning the best Black Friday sales and deals.  However you choose to spend your time this holiday season, it will be good no matter what you do.

This week, I am thinking of Thanksgiving at our house.  We host the family dinner each year and I really like looking forward to having everyone at our house.  I don't do the cooking as my husband does, but I do go crazy making sure the house is clean and organized.  I know that our family does not care if my bed is made, but for some reason, I only make my bed when people are coming over.  And I put away the toys and tidy up the rooms as if family cares if the toys are out. Everything is going to be played with as soon as the cousins come through the door!  I guess I feel that I need to put on my "best" when guests are coming over so I will spend my morning running around and making sure everything is just so. Whereas my husband will be in the kitchen making the turkey and mashed potatoes with everything single pot we have.  Oh, but it tastes so good!

After dinner, we will sit around and look at the specials and deals for shopping and watch football. Usually we will have a bounce house or slide up in the backyard so the kids can burn off some of that energy and turkey.  Then of course, there is always the second go around of the turkey and pie a few hours later when you have just a little bit more room in your stomach.

I am looking forward to this week with the food, family, fun and then putting up Christmas decorations too.  I wish you all a wonderful week!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What kind of party are you having?  A baby shower, child's birthday party, graduation party, wedding?  There are so many reasons to host a party that sometimes we miss having people over just because.  In today's world of scheduling and play dates and online calendars, do we often make the time to just get together?  Everything seems to be so scheduled around activities, work, and well, stuff.  The best nights we have is meeting up with the neighbors in the driveway and end up talking for a few hours because we can.  And we didn't have to clean the house, load up the car or plan a fancy meal.  I understand that there are responsibilities and commitments we all have and I am not saying to toss those out the window but sometimes the best things are unplanned.  I think that putting the camp chairs in the driveway is a great way to get together and have a party too.  Bring out the grill and burgers and there you go!  Now, if you know a neighbor who happens to have a bounce house or a waterslide, well that can't hurt either but you know, one thing at time!