Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Flu bug strikes again.

    For many of you that have used our services for your party, you may know that I am a full-time paramedic. I love my job. I have always wanted to be a paramedic and it is a calling that I was happy to answer. I enjoy being there to help and I take a great amount of pride when I make a difference in someone else's life. We are in the middle of Flu season and boy, it is going around fast. I have been on countless flu-like emergency calls and my wife has been fighting a cough and congestion for weeks now. I have been fortunate not to have caught it. That is until today. As a paramedic I am exposed to sick people daily and my immune system is normally very efficient at keeping me healthy. But today, the flu has gotten the better of me and it came on FAST. You would think as a healthcare professional I would've been able to prevent this or at least hit it hard before it decided to come on strong but alas I am just as susceptible to the flu as anyone else. It also went from a minor irritant to making me a full blown cry baby in the matter of hours. Yes, like most grown men I am kinda of a cry baby when I am sick. Stuffy heads, runny noses, coughing, headaches, that overall funk that we feel, it is just unbearable at times. No one likes being sick or even seeing their loved ones being sick. No matter how hard we try to prevent it, we just cannot escape the flu. You may also notice it comes at the worst possible time. I can't tell you how many times either the parents or kids get the flu just days before your party. Almost as if the flu knows you have something big coming up.
        If anyone understands the flu and how it effects your party, it's us. That is why we don't require deposits and why we spent so much time cleaning our inflatables. You cannot predict the weather, your families health or events that will lead to you needing to cancel or postpone the party. While some companies require deposits and then have all kinds of rules as to how much you get back if you cancel, we don't do that. We are parents as well and we know the stresses of planning a party. That is why we don't want to add any stress. We watch the weather leading up to your party so we can give you the best options. We call 3-4 days ahead to make sure everything is on track and your kids are healthy. If not we work with you to find your best option. And if that means cancelling or postponing the party so you and/or your kids can get healthy, then we support that. We are here to help you and do what's best for you.
         I also want to touch on our cleaning. We pride ourselves on our quality and cleanliness of the inflatables. We spend quite a lot of time ensuring our equipment is wiped, vacuumed and sanitized after every party. We spent countless hours cleaning every square inch of the inflatables with a anti-bacterial cleaner, both inside and out. We will never let our equipment sit for weeks at time, waiting for it to be rented again so we can clean it "on-site". Although due to it being rented the day or 2 before, we will clean it on site, but it is definitely not what we try to do. If we can clean it at our warehouse with a commercial vacuum and and all our best resources, we will. You can also rest assured that if we need to clean it at your party site, we will do so just as diligently as we would at our warehouse. I would never let dirty inflatable or a "good enough" inflatable be rented out to you and your family.
     When you make a reservation with Dreamland Bouncers, we will do everything in our power to make your party as stress free as we possibly can. You can bet our equipment will be clean and sanitized. You can also know that no matter what life throws at you, we will be here to help you with your party.

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