Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Featured product

The first featured product is.......the Snow Cone Machine!  What?!? Snow cones in January? Are you serious?  Yes, yes I am. The snow cone machine is awesome for 3 big reasons. First, it's snow cones. They are fantastic anytime of the year. Sugar filled snowy goodness that leaves kids' mouths, teeth and tongues bright red, blue and/or purple. They taste great. Sure it may be January but it is Arizona. This weekend has a high of 78°. We have it pretty good here and what would better than a nice frozen treat to celebrate this perfect weather.
       Second, there is an activity that is highly underutilized...the snow ball fight. The snow cone machine isn't just for eating, it's for throwing. What would be better than watching your kids run around throwing snowballs at each other? Now I am sure you may think that they can become an ice ball but rest assured that is not so. Once the ice is ground down the shaved ice doesn't freeze together as a frozen ball rather it is a ball of slush.  Depending on how much you make, the snow ball fight can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. If you do not want them throwing snow balls at each other, then take a piece of chalk and draw a target on your back wall. If you are an artist, draw Prince Hans on the wall to throw at. Or do what I do, emphasize no throwing any snow balls at "kids". Soon they will realize you are not a kid and have them chase you around throwing the snow balls at you. Make sure you have a good clear path to run once they figure that out though.
   Lastly, any left over syrup is yours to keep. Anytime you want a treat or reward for your kids, just throw some ice in a blender and BAM! Snow cones. The syrup also has another very useful purpose. Are you familiar with the movie Mary Poppins? Well, a spoonful of sugar (syrup) makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way. If you kids are anything like mine, they hate the taste of the medicine no matter what the flavor is you buy. The snow cone syrup is just sugar, flavoring and water, so you can add it to any of your kids' liquid medicine for a better taste.
   I hope you consider adding the snow cone machine to your next rental. It is a wonderful addition to party and when used to its full potential, it will leave a lasting memory for you and your child.

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