Monday, May 12, 2014

What to do in the summer...

As summer is approaching, many of us wonder what we are going to do with the kids once school is out.  What activities do you plan to do for their time off?  Do you plan any vacations? Do you enroll them in swimming lessons? Is there going to be any relaxing during the summer?

Many parents try to find ways to keep their families busy in the summer months. From swimming lessons to summer camps to trips to the beach, we are always trying to find ways to fill those summer days. What happened to just enjoying the time off?

Here in Arizona, we do look for ways to cool down and stay out of the heat during the summer with the kids.  Going to the movies is often a summer activity and anything else that is in the air conditioning too.

Also in the summer, people are gathered around water whether that is the family pool, the city pool or even just the sprinkler in the yard.  For us, a water slide is the way to go! We will often put up an inflatable water slide in the backyard and the kids will slide for hours.  And the adults will give it a try too. :-)  Some good family fun while trying to stay cool is how our family likes to enjoy the summer days.

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